Friday, August 2, 2013

Earth Mama Angel Baby

I can't say enough how much I love their stuff. Before I decided to use them, I looked into several "natural" brands. What won me over at the end was, I feel the people behind these products (seem to) really care; they want to make the best products possible. Also, they aren't that pricey and easy to hold of. (Amazon and my local stores have cheaper price than their website; but I was able to catch them when they had 30% & 40% off, no tax and free shipping! Woohoo!)

Here's a list of things I have:

For baby:
  • angel baby oil: I read that babies should only use baby oil for the first 6 months. I only use it once or twice a week after bath.
  • angel baby lotion: Haven't really start to use yet, but my baby has minor rashes lately, I heard this is also good for rash so I apply it on the rash.
  • shampoo & body wash: I have both the lavender and non-scent; I like the lavender better!
  • angel baby bottom balm: If redness appeared, it would disappear within a day after applying the balm. Sometimes even there's no redness I just put some on. It's also good for all sorts of things, such as burns, cuts, insect bites, and rashes on other parts of the body.
  • angel baby bath blossoms: Haven't used yet, but look forward to.

For mom:
  • natural stretch oil: I used it for the last 2-3 months of my pregnancy, when I found this brand. I like this better than the one I used previously. I didn't have stretch mark, (but I think it's genetic,) but it's good for moisturize the belly. It can get itchy.  
  • earth mama body butter: I love this! Always looking for a good body lotion, and I think I found one. I think I will continue to use it.
  • mama bottom balm: Bought this prepared for my "natural birth." But also can use it when there's itchiness down there. :P
  • new mama bottom spray: Also bought this for "natural birth." Later I found it also can be used for baby bottom. So I sometimes spray some into baby's bottom Hehe. (Don't wanna waste it.)
  • c-mama healing salve: Bought this immediately after I came back from the hospital. I put it on my incision twice a day. Of course I wouldn't know how effective it is until some time later.
  • natural nipple butter: Must get for breastfeed moms! See my previous post about it. I also discover that it's also good for eczema healing on baby's face!!! :O
  • organic milkmaid tea: I bought two boxes before baby came. I only drink it before my milk supply established, and when I felt I didn't have enough milk. There was a boost of milk after I drank, but I didn't want to overuse it. Your body should be able to naturally build up the milk supply. (I still have half of box left.) I actually like how it tasted!
  • earth mama lip balm: I've a lip balm that I LOVE, which I couldn't live without, but it wasn't cheap, so I tried this, which is pretty good for that price!

You can check out their website here. Do read their reviews, some products have multiple usages.

Every Friday, they would announce one item 50% off that day. Occasionally they have big sale. Since they are in Oregon, it's tax free!

PS: I don't get anything from them, simply just want to share the good stuff. :)

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