Thursday, November 21, 2013

Introducing Solid Food (1)

(This is for Jackie, but I thought it may be useful to whomever it may find.)

Here are the things I use to start solid food:

* OXO tot Sprout highchair (Green/Walnut) *

We love this high chair! It can be used for 3 stages, up to 5-year old. But importantly it looks quite nice and compact, very comfortable. Baby doesn't even need the harness to sit in it.

(Note: the green text in above image should be 6-36 months.)

* Boon swap baby utensils *

I did quite a bit of research before deciding on these. When I received them I was more than happy! They look nicer than the photo showed online. I so love them! They are the perfect size for beginner eaters. Well made! Love how long the feeding part is so food won't get stuck, easy to clean. It made of silicon so it's soft, sometimes baby likes to bite on it. The stainless steel side is good to scrap food off baby's mouth! Or use to stir food while reheating.

Green Sprout glass baby food storage cubes *

I didn't want to use plastic, and these seem to be the only glass cubes (of this size) on the market. While they are quite nice, (btw I love Green Sprout products,) good size (2 oz/4 tablespoons) to start solid food, but soon you will find them too small. Also four cubes are not enough even for two days of food. (Three meals a day.)

I thought about getting four more, or get ones that are bigger size (4-oz). I ended up didn't get either. Both aren't cheap, and you don't know what to do with them afterward. The only 4-oz size I found is by Green Wean, not thrill by the look and the color. (!) (Even baby products need to look pretty!)

* Weck mini mold jars *

Then I remember I once saw these glass jars in Wiiliams-Sonoma that I really like, but they come in a pack of 12, so I couldn't convince myself to get them. I went to their website, they got free shipping at the time, so I ordered them in no time!

I love them! They look gorgeous! (Aww I'm a glass jar fanatic! I got varies size of the Parfait jars. But if I had known the Weck jars I would have gotten them instead!) They can contain 5.4 oz. Important thing is, I can use them afterward!! And the price is cheaper than the Green Wean containers!

featuring my baby's food! :)

* OXO tot baby food freezer tray *

I'm still not sure if I will freeze baby food, the idea of "freezing food" doesn't sit well with me. But I bought this anyway because I may use it to freeze liquid (e.g. fruit juice). If not, it can have other usage.

* Skip Hop zoo bib *

These bibs are fantastic! You can wash them and will dry by the next feeding. They can also be folded into a little pouch!

But my baby likes to bite on it and makes a big mess. ~_~ So sometimes I rather not use it.

* ZoLi BOT XL straw sippy cup *

I started to introduce sippy cup to baby. But he's still learning how. He knows how to suck water up but doesn't know how to deal with the water! Most of the time he just let the water fall right out of his mouth! The selling point of these cup is, baby can sip in any positions, even upside down. But for me, they just look darn cool!

* pots & blenders *

I just use what I have. To cook, I use the butter warmer (1/2 qt) or my smallest saucepan (1.5 qt) depending on how much I'm making. To purée the food, I use a small blender or a handheld blender. I was tempted to buy those baby food machine, where it can steam AND blend the food in same container!! It seems quite convenient, but they aren't cheap, and I hate to have a useless item in my kitchen after six months. If I were to buy something new, I probably would invest on a good blender. 

For beginner eaters, you must use a machine to blend the food to the smoothest. Using a fork just won't do. (I tried!)

Introducing Solid Food (2) +

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