Monday, November 25, 2013

Useful Baby App

Ever since piglet was born, I have been tracking his sleep, feed, and diaper change. This "Sprout Baby" app has been a life saver. I even paid $5 to get the full version! (Which is not needed for tracking. Both my hubby and I paid for the full version so we can synchronize both apps.) 

I finally decided I no longer need to track his feedings and diaper changes. Because the feedings are pretty stable except the night feedings; (which I still track. Since I'm still tracking his sleep, so I do want to know the waking is for feeding or not.) and diapers, actually I could have stopped track that earlier, but somehow I just never thought of it. Maybe I was just used to track everything. It gives me a sense of "orderly," I guess. Since I feel so powerless for everything else.

But yes, for his sleep, I still track and make a chart out of it. A bit crazy. :P But again, it's very helpful to see his sleep pattern and make decision accordingly.

I had tried few other apps before decided on this one. Recommended!

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