Monday, April 6, 2015



我:「哎喲 baby 做乜事?」

小豬:「Baby 病病⋯⋯ 要探熱。」


講起探熱,我們是用 Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer*。So far 覺得不錯,真的幾秒就搞掂,都好似幾準。(!)重點是小豬很中意「玩」,(!!)探完一邊會要求探埋另外一邊。(不過通常兩邊耳朵會有不同溫度,所以最好也兩邊都測。我會以高的為準。)因為個 thermometer 是擺在浴室(小豬可以 access 到)的櫃裏,小豬時常拿來扮探熱;有時還會話自己病病。〔汗〕

* 我們是用這個型號的,原來才時隔幾個月,這個型號已經 discontinued,被更好的替代。我們那個約$40,都覺得好貴的,但當小朋友病起來,方便很重要吧。 


  1. we have the braun ear scan one, yet i was going to get this one last week ( on sale! so cheap!! but then today i saw there's a no touch one~~~ perfect for sleeping babies... hehe (

    1. Why the forehead ones so cheap... there must be a catch!!! Hahaha.

      Well, I thought about getting a forehead one too, but I heard it's not (as) accurate and I tend to think so too. Plus, at least for now there's no way I will risk to go in to his room and take his temperature. I tend to think as long as their bodies are resting, it's okay not to check temperature. (My thoughts may change along the way haha.)

      (Well I spent $40 on this thing I ain't gonna replace it any time soonnnnn~~~~)

  2. yes very tempted to get the forehead one.... i was a babysrus last weekend, they were still selling the same one for $51!

    1. Well let me know if it's any good! If you will use it while C sleeps then worth to get one.