Saturday, May 23, 2015

Potty Train, Day 1

  9:00am let the fun begin
  9:45 sit on potty, forced out one drop of pee
10:25 sit on potty, nothing
10:45 pee accident (in kitchen)
(During this period asked several times but he refused to go potty.)
 1:25pm sit on potty, pee and poo
 1:50 (shortly after potty, when he sat on my lap to read before his nap) pee accident
 2:05 (again while sitting on my lap) pee accident, wet me and the bed (we sat on)
 2:20 (in crib ready for songs before nap) pee accident, wet crib (I almost lost it)
(Finally put him down for nap at 2:45pm; he fell asleep at 3pm. An hour later than his usual time.)
 3:45 woke up from nap with pee, wet crib (which was expected)
 4:45 pee accident (in kitchen), wet floor; pee in potty
 5:30 sit on potty, pee
 6:20 sit on potty, pee
 7:15 pee accident (in kitchen)
 8:10 sit on potty before taking shower, pee
(After shower wear diaper at 8:30pm)
 8:45 (after book reading before sleep) request to pee in potty, and he did (but lately he has been doing that, it's a way for him to delay sleep...)
 9:00 (after song singing ready to sleep) request to pee in potty again! Forced few drops out

Total of 7 accidents; 8 successes on potty.

* After each accident also put him on potty to try.

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