Monday, May 25, 2015

Potty Train, Day 3

9:15am sit on potty, pee and poo
10:05 sit on potty, pee and poo
11:00 sit on potty, pee
(11:25-12 went out to nearby park)
12:05pm sit on potty, pee
1:20 sit potty, pee
1:40 (middle of reading book before nap) request go potty, pee a little
1:50 (after one song before nap) request go potty, forced few drops
2:00 (became super fussy, didn't want to nap) pee accident (while standing in crib), pee a little in potty
(Afterward he asked to wear diaper
so I let him wear a pull-up. Still super reclutant to nap so I left his room let him cry, 2:25pm. Fell asleep at 2:35pm. Phewwww.) (Normally if he was not potty training I would have left earlier.)
(4:15 woke, did not want go potty)
4:35 sit potty, pee, change back to underwear
5:15 sit potty, pee and poo
6:05 pee accident, pee in potty (did ask him to sit potty before this but he was unwilling to)
6:55 pee accident (kept asking him to go potty but he just won't!! Arghhh!!), pee in potty
7:45 sit potty, pee
(took shower, wear diaper at 8:15pm)
8:30 (before reading books) request go potty, pee
8:45 (after reading books) request go potty, pee a little
8:50 (!!)(immediately after I put on diaper for him and put him in crib!!) request go potty, few drops
(diaper still dry)

Total of 3 accidents, 16 successes in potty. 

Since last night I started to have second thoughts about not letting him wear diaper during nap. So when he asked for diaper today, I just let him wear pull-up. I probably will postpone potty train for nap, but will flow with however the situation leads.

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