Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Potty Train, Day 4

8:50am pee and poo
10:00 sit on potty, pee
(Went out to Whole Foods)
10:50 (while checking out at Whole Foods) asked him if needed to go potty, he said yes, little pee
(Back home 11:20, went out for a walk)
12:05pm sit on potty, pee
12:50 sit on potty, pee and poo
(1:30pm started to prep for nap, didn't want sit potty)
1:40 request go potty, pee
2:05 (in crib) request go potty, forced few drops
(Fell asleep 2:25pm, woke 4pm. Didn't want go potty after wake.)
4:50 sit potty, pee
5:55 (after asked him numerous times) sit potty, pee
7:05 (due to previous days accidents, kept asking him go potty since 6:30 but he just won't go!!) sit potty, pee and poo
8:05 sit potty, pee
(Took shower afterward, wear diaper at 8:30pm.)
8:50 (after book reading) requested go potty, pee
8:55 (as soon as I put him in crib) requested go potty, I denied
(I didn't let him go but had a huge "negotiation situation" that involved with a lot of hysterical crying, I'll spare you that. Heh. We finally made peace and I was able to leave his room at 9:15pm.)

NO ACCIDENT TODAY!! Does it mean it's a success?

I always asked him to go potty after 30 minutes but he just refused to go!!

When I checked his pull-up after his nap, almost 3 hours since his last pee in potty, I found it dry... but how can he not pee for so long? Maybe he just pee a little and the pull-up did a good job of absorbing it.

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