Monday, January 25, 2016

Looking For The Best Disposable Diaper?

I wish they had this before my son was born... wuu wuu wuu...

The Battle for the Best Disposable Diapers

How to Choose the Best Disposable Diaper


Bottom line: Use Bambo Nature!!!

But they are so expensive, maybe it's a good thing that I didn't know about them. Haha. The other thing is, their packaging is so unattractive! (!) I might have seen them in the store but probably ignored them.

We have been using Seventh Generation. My friend told me it's sooo rough which prompted me to do some research thus found the review. But honestly, I do like SG. Let's just say we don't have any problems with it. I thought it was soft... I only thing I don't like is they aren't dye-free. During my son's early months I also tried Earth's Best and Naty. EB was much stiffer than SG; and I don't remember why I didn't use Naty. It's possible that SG is cheaper and more widely available.

Recently I purchased many boxes of SG diapers that's less than $.20 each (diaper), that will last at least half a year... now after reading the review, I'm thinking of buying Bambo and return the SG... the argument here is probably, since my son only uses diaper during sleep, it's really not that expensive after all... Heh!

(PS: The other brand I had tried was Pampers. When my son was 4-5 months old, he leaks frequently during night time. I thought I should gave Pampers a try, oh boy, the smell of it was unbearable. I later sealed inside a plastic bag hoping to pass onto someone else, but even sealed inside a bag, I can still smell it!!!! I threw the whole bag away. And so that was the end of that. I later found, I just need to size up (two sizes) to prevent the leaking...)


  1. 想問有冇考慮過用cloth diaper?

    1. 有啊⋯⋯但唔敢⋯⋯我有(輕微)潔癖。尿我覺得ok,便便我估會崩潰。試過幾次好勁既 blowout,我係面對唔到成件onesie掉左。同埋我個仔勁多便便(次數),頭幾個月好似每日七、八次。(早期可能更多!)所以就算一開始有用cloth diaper,後來應該都會放棄。但真心想用!

  2. 由未生時已經想比阿囡用cloth diapers,但真心的覺得日日洗尿布會想死!(我忍受唔到儲2日先用機洗!)但阿女滿1歲了,便便再不會像newborn一日7-8次,而且會行會走不用每天洗口水肩洗紗巾,主要是她現在尿很多,disposal diapers會漏,所以又想試試(猶豫不決!)

    1. 啊,我覆左你之後先醒起可能你係問我而家唔係生之前有冇諗過用布尿片!其實原來生後係冇乜點特別諗過,可能有時行街見到又會諗下,哇如果用尿布就好⋯⋯ 但我估冇認真諗過。就算而家,我個仔其實唔會便便係片度(其實一年前已經唔會),但原來我冇諗過用尿布!

      原因:我覺得尿布好複雜!我都曾經幾次想了解下都唔係好成功,(咁我唔算好認真既!)講真以前真係忙到癲,係冇乜心機研究太複雜既嘢。除左便便面對唔到,另一個問題係,我部洗衣機係energy saving那種,係要有半load衫先可以洗既!咁我幾時先儲到半load尿布呢?!我諗起呢樣已經覺得好煩,因為以前少一事得一事。講真,啲尿布,就算用洗衣機洗,都要即刻用手洗一洗掛?冇可能就咁等到夠多先擺落洗衣機。其實啲尿都會好臭!所以諗到呢度我覺得以我OCD性格來講,如果用尿布係會create 好多 stress 俾我自己既!會有好多問題出現!


      你個女漏尿係日間定夜晚?有冇試過著大一或兩個碼?我個仔八、九個月磅數應該著3號,但夜晚漏尿後來換左5號就冇事。佢而家著4號,好少漏尿。再唔係要試過別既牌子!可能你用既牌子唔夠 absorbant。 如果係日間都漏,要勤啲換?

    2. 多謝你咁詳盡嘅reply呀~~

      其實我都覺得好複雜,呢一年我了解過幾次,但始終踏唔出去買個步. 又見好多人話用過尿布就會覺得有幾好幾好,早知早D轉用尿布.... 好!新嘅一年希望踏出呢一步,為阿囡個pat pat好D,又環保一D~