Saturday, April 9, 2016


"Celebrate mess and what it means. Dirt, paint, toys on the floor, glitter permanently trapped in your carpet…all these things tell the story of a day of fun and play. Children learn through play, and the more you get comfortable with letting messy play happen the more freedom your children will feel, and the more benefit they will get out of it! Embrace mess! It is a sign of fun and learning."   



我有強迫症的,當然是物件控啦。家中甚麼擺在那裡是十分講究的。但有小孩後開始學習在這些事上鬆手。教導小孩有手尾固然是重要,但規矩是死的,孩子是活的,我比較想他玩得 carefree 些,不用常常要記住那麼多規矩。


"What’s so good about real play? 
Children explore the world using all their senses. This is how they learn, and it often results in mess. Free, messy, unstructured play has loads of benefits, including:
  • Developing confidence and independence. 
  • Honing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Practicing problem-solving and planning skills. 
  • Increased concentration. 
  • Experimenting and developing a scientific mind. 
  • Learning about cause and effect. 
  • Messy art projects allow kids to express themselves, refine their sense of touch, learn new vocabulary, and be creative. 
  • Increased appreciation for, and knowledge of, our environment. 
  • Physical health and fitness. 
  • And, if you’ve ever seen a kid immersed in messy free play then it’s impossible to deny the happiness it brings them." 

希望給小豬更多的「real play」。


Both quotes are from Why Kids Need Real Play。(全文也很值得讀。)

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